My first exposure to Kicking Giant was on the other side of the “Long Hind Legs/Kicking Giant” split cassette that Punk in my Vitamins put out. After hearing the songs on their split release, I ordered some of their other cassettes. A souped-up version of this song was released on their 1994 release Alien I.D., but it was originally released as a Tae Won Yu solo recording on the Present cassette.
[audio:|titles=Lucky (Cassette Version)|artists=Kicking Giant]

Download: Kicking Giant – Lucky


  1. Thank you! I love KG…and through a series of unfortunate incidents lost all my KG tapes and now only have Alien ID and the She’s Real 7″. Have been hoping beyond hope to stumble across some of the earlier tape content online at some point.

    Saw KG twice in San Francisco in the late 90s and they were awesome. This has made my Thursday. 🙂

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