This song is from the C’est La Mort cd compilation “The Marvels of Insect Life” which I purchased a few years before I really became a Magnetic Fields fan. This version of the song was released four years before it came out on “The Charm of the Highway Strip” and has Susan Anway who sang on “The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees” on vocals instead of Stephen Merritt.
[audio:|titles=Crowd Of Drifters (Susan Anway Vocal)|artists=The Magnetic Fields]

Download: Magnetic Fields – Crowd Of Drifters (Susan Anway Vocals)

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  1. Thanks for the download. I became an MF fan after hearing Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees but by the time I was able to catch them live, Susan was gone. Crowd of Drifters is (one of) my faves from Charm of Hi-Way Strip so it was kinda amazing hearing it in Susan’s voice. Thanks again.

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