Swann Danger – Motion To Bliss

Speaking of bands that I’ve never seen, Swann Danger has always eluded me 유나의 거리. The first time I missed them, I went to their website and checked out their show page and it said they played the day before at some warehouse party right by my house Download Thor Thunder's God. The next time I missed them was the Golden Grouper CD release party at The Smell in LA and I arrived too late. I swear, some day I will catch them. I saw they are playing New York this Friday, lucky New York bastards Download the Windows 10 app.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/20051025/SD-MotionToBliss.mp3|titles=Motion To Bliss|artists=Swann Danger]

Download: Swann Danger – Motion To Bliss