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The VSS – Lunar Weight (Live Video)

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The VSS – Lunar Weight
Unknown Location
Unknown Date (1997 Tour?)

The only info that was provided for this video is that it was shot at “Kevin’s House” Download utopian webtoons. Unfortunately, when looking through The VSS show chronology, there is no “Kevin’s House” on there, so maybe someone can ID the location or date 메탈 슬러그 모바일 다운로드. It’s a great quality video of one of my favorite VSS tracks.

Download: The VSS – Lunar Weight (Live Video)


The VSS – Lunar Weight (Live)

I had a request for some The VSS, so this song will make at least one person very happy 전자정부프레임워크 3.1. The VSS were one of the first “hardcore” bands that I saw that used a keyboard which, unlike a lot of the bands I’ve seen lately, was pretty innovative Devilforce 3. The other thing that made them stand out was that they brought their own light show on tour. This song was recorded live in Harrisburgh, VA in 1997 during what I think was their one and only full US tour r commander 다운로드. Also, make sure to check out Post Punk Junk for some post-VSS songs and comments.
[audio:|titles=Lunar Weight (Live) |artists=The VSS]
Download: The VSS – Lunar Weight (Live)


The VSS – No Hands (Echo And The Bunnymen Cover)

I just bought my ticket to see Echo And The Bunnymen yesterday, so I figured I would post this track centos 6.9. This Echo And The Bunnymen cover is from the split double 7″ set with Rye Coalition on Super 8 Records. Before I bought this 7″ I had never heard the original version Download The Walking Dead Season 9. I finally did come across the Echo And The Bunnymen song when the Crystal Days box set came out and I was surprised how true to the original The VSS version stays 다음팟 영상. Still, The VSS do a great job of putting their stamp on it.
[audio:|titles=No Hands |artists=The VSS]

Download: The VSS – No Hands