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Voxtrot – Age of Consent (Live)

Voxtrot is one of the bands that went through one of the steepest hype-to-hate trajectory fueled through the manic vehicle that was Pitchfork and other music blogs throughout the OO’s.  After a few revered EP releases, Voxtrot’s eventual and highly anticipated full-length was met with ire generally reserved for baby-murderers.  I always expected, or, rather took for granted, them weathering such storms and being around no matter whatever spot they happen to be on the ‘critic-coaster’ 미디어파일.

A long Voxtrot career was not meant to be, evidently, as the name of the recent tour “Goodbye Cruel World” indicates.  I don’t know what caused the band to break up, but I sure hope it wasn’t due to the whiplash-like backlash that nearly every band of their era experienced –  Black Kids anyone?!?  Whatever the case, I hope the break-up was amicable and that all involved keep fighting the good fight 이지뷰어.

Above being a great little band, as additional treat, seeing Voxtrot live always involved a zinger of a well-executed cover.  This show was absolutely no exception with Voxtrot doing my favorite New Order song and to my continued amazement, doing it justice.  Here is Voxtrot doing “Age of Consent” as performed live at their very last show (for now – we hope) ever Download Dragon Ball Genobus.

June 26 Setlist – Voxtrot Final Show
Raised by Wolves
Kid Gloves
Your Biggest Fan
Long Haul
Soft and Warm
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Age of Consent (New Order cover)
Berlin, Without Return
The Start of Something
Wrecking Force

Missing Pieces

[audio:|titles=Age of Consent (Live)|artists=Voxtrot]

Download: Voxtrot – Age of Consent (Live)

Bad Lieutenant – Sink Or Swim

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With all the hype surrounding the break up of New Order and the rise of pseudo-super-group Bad Lieutenant I didn’t really know what to expect from Bernard Sumner’s new band 오존 무료. So when I got a listen to the first single off the new record I was very impressed. Obviously it’s not as good as Technique or Brotherhood-era New Order but I would certainly put it up there in the same category as Republic 솜노트 pc버전. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album when it drops in the beginning of October.

[audio:|titles=Sink Or Swim|artists=Bad Lieutenant]

Download: Bad Lieutenant – Sink Or Swim

Factory All Stars – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Factory All Stars – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Manchester, UK

This was broadcast on Channel 4’s “The Tube” live from The Hacienda Download More Boss. The “Factory All Stars” included members of New Order, Quando Quango, The Wake, A Certain Ratio, 52nd Street, and more doing Factory hit songs 익스플로러 자동.

Download: Factory All Stars – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live Video)

New Order – Dreams Never End (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

New Order – Dreams Never End
SO 36
Berlin, West Germany

I saw a trailer for the new Ian Curtis/Joy Division film “Control.” The live performance footage looked spot on but the “drama” parts look a bit on the cheesy side 쿨에딧. This clip was shot just a year and a handful of days after Ian’s suicide.

Download: New Order – Dreams Never End (Live Video)

Celestial Marriage 1

New Order – Dream Attack (Demo)

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The New Order 1988 Demo cassette surfaced online as mp3s but six months or ago someone posted the lossless files on Dime A Dozen summer 다운로드. The cassette is an interesting peek into New Order’s songwriting process. It includes various takes of “Technique” era recordings along with quite a few tracks of Peter Hook playing bass lines along with early versions of the songs 1 download of Production 101. Some of the tracks are a little boring, but it’s fun to see where the songs started before they were finished off.
[audio:|titles=Dream Attack (Demo) |artists=New Order]
Download: New Order – Dream Attack (Demo)


New Order – Dreams Never End (Demo)

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It took me years to warm up to early New Order Download the ringuit. I always loved “Technique,” and I was a bit of a fan of “Blue Monday” but being such a Joy Division fan, I always had a hard time listening to “Movement” and “Low Life.” A couple of years ago I got a “Best of New Order” compilation and started to listen to “Dreams Never End” and discovered that their early recordings weren’t all that bad 와콤 타블렛. This is an interesting early demo version of that song.
[audio:|titles=Dreams Never End (Demo) |artists=New Order]
Download: New Order – Dreams Never End (Demo)


Voxtrot – Love Vigilantes (Live New Order Cover)

Voxtrot are playing at The Wiltern LG next month in Los Angeles macos 시에라 다운로드. I was planning on going, but instead I happened to be in Chicago and saw them when they played at the Empty Bottle a week ago. Tickets for the Chicago show were a third of the price of the LA show and the capacity of the venue was 350 instead of 2,300 Download the topographic degree. Sometimes living in LA is a pain in the ass.

This is a great New Order cover that was recorded by a friend of mine at their New York show last December Download the voice modulator.
[audio:|titles=Love Vigilantes (Live)|artists=Voxtrot]
Download: Voxtrot – Love Vigilantes (Live New Order Cover)