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Cotton Candy (Mark Robinson) – Fantastic & Spectacular + jingles (Live)

Looking at the different best-of lists for 2009 and best-of the decade from TSOI contributors there are surprisingly few overlaps Download the hymn mr. Based on these lists, TSOI opinions on music might diverge more than one might think, however, there is one sure-fire point that all in the TSOI fold are in agreement: Mark Robinson performing live in any form is solid gold (Note that separate Flin Flon shows made best concerts of the decade from Kevin and Avalanche) 삼성전자 키스.

His latest incarnation, a collaboration with Evelyn Hurley of Blast Off Country Style, is called Cotton Candy teamviewer portable. Cotton Candy opened for a Teenbeat showcase some months ago for a short 30 minute set that consisted mostly of commercial jingles peppered with a few original tracks 임진록 1. The show also featured what I presume is Mark’s son playing a synth version of The Star Wars Theme. Good times. Really Good times.

Here is a live track and a few commercial jingles as performed at The Brooklyn location of The Knitting Factory Fraps genuine.

[audio:|titles=Fantastic & Spectacular + jingles (Live)|artists=Cotton Candy]

Download: Cotton Candy – Fantastic & Spectacular + jingles (Live)

Olympic Death Squad (Mark Robinson) – Sometimes I Can Breathe (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Olympic Death Squad (Mark Robinson) – Sometimes I Can Breathe
The Lizard And Snake
Chapel Hill, NC

This was technically a Mark Robinson solo show (with Evelyn from Blast Off Country Style manning the beats in the back), but it was right after Blue came out, so I’m calling it OSD 영어 이력서 양식. I would have to say that the Olympic Death Squad record is my favorite thing Mark has put out as a solo artist, so I was thrilled when I was sent this video with tracks off the record 카티아 무료.

Download: Olympic Death Squad – Sometimes I Can Breathe (Live Video)

Grenadine – I Only Have Eyes For You (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

Grenadine – I Only Have Eyes For You
Black Cat
Washington, D.C md 개성체 다운로드.

A nice side project from Jenny, Mark and Rob. “Goya” is still one of my favorite Teen Beat/Simple Machines/et Download the emulator. al. records. I was fortunate to come across someone a couple of months ago who had a copy of this live show. I never had the opportunity to see Grenadine, so it was a real treat to finally get a glimpse of what their performances were like google books 다운로드.

Download: Grenadine – I Only Have Eyes For You (Live Video)

Flin Flon – Ukraina (Live)

This song was recorded live at the Luna Lounge in New York on Halloween in 2002 트위스티 로드. Mark uses the tried and true method of inserting the city name and “How’s everybody feeling tonight?” in the song to get the crowd cheering Bmw coding. I think he was one “Are you ready to rock!?!” from a perfect rock and roll trifecta. It’s a really great version of one of my favorite Flin Flon songs Spectre.
[audio:|titles=Ukraina (Live)|artists=Flin Flon]

Download: Flin Flon – Ukraina (Live)