Alice Donut – Dead Rivers (Live)

I caught Alice Donut, an early nineties New York based punk/psychedelic band, while on a tour in 2009 3 days 다운로드. I always thought of Alice Donut as an interesting anomaly of what was going on as far as contemporary-of-the-time punk bands were concerned 위딘 템테이션. I also associate Alice Donut, correctly or not, as a proto-Janes Addiction – probably not so much in sound but because they were a similarly interesting departure from what was considered ‘punk’ at the time 씽크 유.

Whatever the case, Alice Donut are still at it and even still on Alternative Tentacles.

Here is a live track from a recent show in Brooklyn 카티아 v5 r21.

[audio:|titles=Dead Rivers (Live)|artists=Alice Donut]

Download: Alice Donut – Dead Rivers (Live)

Update: Thanks to Sissi for the corrections Download Kim Drifter.