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Avalanche: Best of the Decade

Top 20 Releases of 2000-2009

These might not be the most important or groundbreaking releases per se but these are simply the records that have become stalwarts in my music heavy rotation that purr along with classics from the 80s and 90s.

1. Dean and Britta – L’ Avventura (2002)
2. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours (2008)
3. Cinerama – This is Cinerama (2000)
4. Modest Mouse – Moon Over Antartica (2000)
5. Lungfish – Love is Love (2003)
6. Ian Brown – Music of the Spheres (2002)
7. Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit (2006)
8. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Etiquette (2006)
9. Tindersticks – Hungry Saw (2009)
10. The Natural History – The Natural History EP (2002)
11. Low – Trust (2002)
12. The Legends – Facts and Figures (2007)
13. Jeremy Jay – Slow Dance (2009)
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell (2003)
15. Child Ballads – Cheekbone Hollows EP (2008)
16. The Postal Service – Give Up (2003)
17. Calla – Scavengers (2000)
18. Blonde Redhead – Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (2000)
19. The Kills – Midnight Boom (2008)
20. Ladytron – Velocifer (2008)

Top 20 Concerts of Decade

These are the shows that most emblazoned on my retinas for whatever reason. For instance, The Modest Mouse show was soon after 911 and featured huge projections of buildings collapsing in reverse while MM performed songs from the epic celestial themed “Moon over Antarctica”.

Here is my top 20 best shows, and whenever there is any supporting evidence, I link to it. Enjoy.

1. Lungfish – Southpaw, NY, NY (2005)
2. Laibach – The Town Hall, NY, NY (2007)
3. Flin Flon – Luna Lounge, NY, NY (2002)
4. Fever Ray – Webster Hall, NY, NV (2009)
6. Final CBGB shows (New York Dolls, Vandals, Dead Boys, Offspring, Circle Jerks, etc) – CBGBs, NY, NY (2005)
7. The 3 Terrors (The Magnetic Fields) – various, NY, NY (1999 – 2005)
8. The Tindersticks – Brooklyn Masonic Temple, NY, NY (2009)
9. Dean and Britta (performing Galaxy 500), The Zipper Room, NY, NY (2008)
10. The Child Ballads – Knitting Factory, NY, NY (2007)
12. Freeheat – Brownies, NY, NY (2002)
13. Wire – South Street Seaport, NY, NY (2007)
15. Siouxsie – Irving Plaza, NY, NY (2008)
16. FischerSpooner/Peaches – Terminal 5, NY, NY (2003)
18. MAKE UP – THE COOLER, NY, NY (2000)
19. 7 Seconds – Webster Hall, New York City, NY (2009)
20. Suicide – Europa, Brooklyn, NY (2008)

Lungfish – Put Your Hand In My Hand (Live Video)

Lungfish – Put Your Hand In My Hand
Midtown Music Hall
Atlanta, GA

Knowing full well that the other writer for TSOI, Avalanche, will start an all-out boycott campaign against this website if I say anything bad about Lungfish, I will just resolve myself to write that “they are not my thing.” The source of this video is a 3+ hour compilation tape that I’m in the process of converting so a few other rare clips like this will find their way up on the site in the next couple of weeks.

Download: Lungfish – Put Your Hand In My Hand (Live Video)


Lungfish – Vulgar Theories (Live)

Daniel Higgs of Lungfish fame played a solo show at the Knitting Factory last week. I was considering posting a live recording of the solo performance, but he played one 35 minute song so, however awesome that performance is, I suppose it is not appropriate for the large ADD inflicted segment of the TSOI readership (although this track is 7 minutes). What I did realize, was that there is no Lungfish posts on TSOI. I intend to fix that travesty right stat.

This is from the last time I saw Lungfish in 2005 at South Paw in New York City, who started an hour early because an opening band canceled causing me to miss half the show. Boy was I PISSSSSED! Anywho, at half a show it was still among the best shows I have ever seen – and I mean ever. Lungfish always kicks ass but this show was a real doozy. Daniel Higgs, who looks like a tattooed Rasputin, while doing his vocals on one of the songs late in the set was perched on the edge of the stage when his eyes rolled up into his head and keeled off the edge into the crowd without warning–all while not missing his vocals. I am beginning to realize that Lungfish is safely ensconced in my pantheon of best all-time bands. Lungfish seldom play live but if they crawl out of Baltimore and head to your vicinity, do yourself a favor and make a concerted point to be there to welcome them. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Daniel Higgs.

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Download: Lungfish – Vulgar Theories (Live)