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The Monday Set: Love Of Diagrams – Los Angeles – 3/14/10

Love Of Diagrams
The Smell
Los Angeles, CA

Here’s Love Of Diagrams unfortunately extremely short set from their Los Angeles date on the latest tour. I caught them 3 times the last time they were in the US on their Mosaic tour, so I enjoyed that they stuck to playing new tracks off their latest fantastic Nowhere Forever LP.

1. Stones Throw
2. A Part Of You
3. Lookout
4. Forever
5. Mountain

Sample: [audio:|titles=Lookout (Live)|artists=Love Of Diagrams]

Download: Love Of Diagrams – Los Angeles – 3/14/10 – 172 MB

Love Of Diagrams – Trouble (Live)

A few months ago I saw Love Of Diagrams before they joined up with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists as the opening band for their tour. I didn’t really hear much about Ted Leo, but there has been a ton of talk about how Love Of Diagrams put on a great performance. This song was provided by my field operative Jbird and was recorded on that tour with Ted Leo in Baton Rouge, LA at Chelsea’s. Also, check the archives for another Love Of Diagrams song from their show here in Los Angeles last February.
[audio:|titles=Trouble (Live)|artists=Love Of Diagrams]
Download: Love Of Diagrams – Trouble (Live)

Love of Diagrams – Pace Or The Patience (Live)

Love of Diagrams have a new recording coming out in a couple of months on Matador, but they are already on tour promoting it in the US and UK for the next couple of months. They are playing most shows opening for Ted Leo, but I got to catch them here in LA in a much smaller club before they join up with him. Unfortunately, they don’t have any of their records on Unstable Ape with them but they do have their new Matador EP which is certainly worth picking up. This song was recorded last Tuesday at their Safari Sams show.
[audio:|titles=Pace of Patience (Live)|artists=Love of Diagrams]
Download: Love of Diagrams – Pace Or The Patience (Live)