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The Stone Roses: Here It Comes (Live Video)

Here It Comes
The Hacienda
Manchester, UK

First off I have to get this out of the way. I cannot believe this was recorded nearly 30 years ago. Though their debut album which rocketed them into fame didn’t come out for another 4 years after this was recorded, the track sounds really polished and close to it’s final form.

Download: The Stone Roses: Here It Comes (Live Video)

Bikini Kill: George Bush Is No Hero (Live Video)

Bikini Kill: George Bush Is No Hero
International Pop Underground Convention
Olympia, WA

If you have read Sara Marcus’s book “Girls To The Front” she refers to Bikini Kill throughout and this show specifically. One of 15 acts to play that night, Bikini Kill from all accounts, wowed the huge crowd. I saw them a few years after this show at a club in Minnesota. I got yelled at by Kathleen for standing too close to the front which didn’t help endear me to a band I already wasn’t particularly fond of. Though I’ve sat through much worse shows, the fascination with Bikini Kill is something that I never could “get”. I guess different strokes…

This is a nice black and white clip of the band playing the only (I’m guessing) song that Billy sings.

Download: Bikini Kill: George Bush Is No Hero (Live Video)

Bratmobile: Cherry Bomb (Live Video)

Bratmobile: Cherry Bomb
Los Angeles, CA

It’s day 2 of Riot Grrrl week here at TSOI and it’s a good one. Bratmobile were one of the very few bands that I always wanted to see but never had the opportunity. Truth be told, I was a bigger Cold Cold Hearts and The Peechees fan. I did get to see both those bands, so technically I did see 100% of “Bratmobile”, just in different forms. OK, not quite the same, but close. This is a great clip from LA’s famed Jabberjaw club with riot grrrls right up there in the front.

Download: Bratmobile: Cherry Bomb (Live Video)


Amber Inn: Life Instantaneous (Live Video)

Amber Inn: Life Instantaneous
Pensacola, FL

Amber Inn were one of those bands that came around just about the time I was getting out of my “emo” phase and more into electronic/indie bands. I bought their 7″s, but they didn’t get nearly the love they would have gotten had they been released a few years earlier. Going back and listening to their discography, the tracks hold up pretty well compared to some of the other mid/later 90’s hardcore bands in my collection. Plus they were on Ebullition Records so that gives them instant cred in my book.

Download: Amber Inn: Life Instantaneous (Live Video)


Universal Order of Armageddon: Visible Distance (Live Video)

Universal Order of Armageddon: Visible Distance
804 4th St.
Lincoln, NE

TSOI generally isn’t very needy, but we’re looking for some help here. We’re trying to track down the original taper of this UOA show. If you know anyone from the Nebraska scene who might have an idea of who shot this, drop us an e-mail or mention it in the comments. Thanks a bunch! The clip is awesome BTW…

Download: Universal Order of Armageddon: Visible Distance (Live Video)

The Charlatans UK: Sproston Green (Live Video)

The Charlatans UK – Sproston Green
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

I couldn’t help but laugh this summer when I went to my childhood home and found a The Charlatans UK advert cut out of an early 90’s SLUG (Salt Lake Underground) magazine of their classic press photo with ‘CANCELED’ stamped across it. [Side bar: Did you know that ‘canceled’ and ‘cancelled’ are both acceptable spellings? Who knew?] Attempting to see The Charlatans UK has been a decade-long running joke to me and, I suspect, quite a few others out there. It seems every-other year a new Charlatans tour is announced that invariably ends with a cancellation of the US dates. How can these guys keep booking shows year after year for, now, decades just to have them canned? This last go around, I simply refused to buy tickets until day of show, but lo-and-behold, they showed up. I am very glad they did.

Other than a sporadic appearance of Ian Brown, The Charlatans might be the only vestige of the ‘Madchester’ scene still out-and-about to any real extent. The Madchester scene in the early 90’s appeared to be this giant tidal-wave of largely Manchester UK based bands that seemed certain to awash on American shores forming the next massive British Invasion. The bands were cool looking, psychedelic, and groovy with enough commonality and depth to form a bona fide movement (and you could dance to it!), but alas, the US music industry went nuclear on them. The success of agro-rock of Nirvana, Metallica, and others formed a near impenetrable wall along the eastern seaboard on which the shaggy-haired neo-psychedelic bands were dashed. Somehow only EMF‘s “Unbelievable” penetrated which, by being viciously overplayed, created an ensuing backlash that would be directed to all who sounded remotely like them, which successfully killed any future hopes of the more deserving band’s chances of really breaking wide in the US. I guess the rampant drug use of many of the more promising Madchester bands didn’t help either. Whatever the case, the result was startling; The Stone Roses and Charlatans got stiff-armed but Bush (insert body shaking shutter) was allowed free reign on our shores. Bummer.

Sorry for the digression, but the wait was worth it. The Charlatans killed. Here is audio and video of the dramatic Doors-esque encore closer, “Sproston Green”. With the video, the lights go out in the beginning, but do not worry, they come back on.

Download: The Charlatans UK: Sproston Green (Live Video)

Bauhaus: Kick In The Eye (Live Video)

Bauhaus: Kick In The Eye
NY Dancestand
New York City, NY

This 1981 Bauhaus clip may have been their television debut. It’s truly unfortunate that the performance is mimed, but the band does a good job of still looking interested.

Download: Bauhaus: Kick In The Eye (Live Video)


Pizzicato Five: It’s A Beautiful Day (Viva Variety Video)

Pizzicato Five – It’s A Beautiful Day
Viva Variety

Here’s a great clip of Pizzicato Five lip-syncing their way through their single “It’s A Beautiful Day” on Comedy Central’s short-lived “Viva Variety” show. I used to watch “Viva Variety” religiously due to the plethora of great musical acts they had on the show. I don’t remember Robin Leach as one of the hosts of the show but it’s quite fitting he is the one to introduce P5 on the US television debut.

Download: Pizzicato Five – It’s A Beautiful Day (Viva Variety Video)

Blonde Redhead: Bipolar (Live Video)

Blonde Redhead – Bipolar
Redlight Cafe
Atlanta, GA

Last night I dreamt that I was interviewing Blonde Redhead. I was asking them a bunch of obscure questions like “How did a New York band end up putting out your first record on a Minneapolis record label?” and “It’s surprising that such a relatively new band ended up touring touring Europe in the mid-90s. That was unheard of at the time. Tell me how that happened?” I think my restless night was based on guilt from not having purchased their new album “Penny Sparkle” which came out over two months ago. My project for the weekend is to track it down on vinyl so I can go back to enjoying guilt free nights of sleep.

This video was recorded on their tour supporting “Fake Can Be Just As Good.”

Download: Blonde Redhead: Bipolar (Live Video)

Cansei de Ser Sexy: Fuckoff Is Not The Only Thing… (Live Video)

Cansei de Ser Sexy – Fuckoff Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show
Parc Expo
Rennes, France

You often hear about the sophomore slump with bands and their their debut record follow-up. I can’t think of any band that it hit harder than CSS. Their self-titled debut did so well that it was re-released by Warner Brothers, but their follow-up Donkey generated absolutely zero buzz. In fact, I think I have yet to even hear it 2 years after it’s release. I’ll have to rectify that today.

Download: Cansei de Ser Sexy: Fuckoff Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show (Live Video)