The Monday Set: Love And Rockets – Washington, DC – 4/14/88

Love And Rockets
Warner Theater
Washington, D.C.

When I pulled this out of the old box of cassettes waiting to be transferred, I figured it would be just another audience recording. But when I was listening to it to divide it up into tracks, there was one song that I didn’t recognize. It was unlisted on the cassette and looking at my other shows from 1988, I don’t seem to have it on any of those either. So I’ve put it up as the sample track. I’m guessing it’s a cover of some sort since it’s not very Love And Rockets sounding, but if anyone knows the name, let me know.

Update: Thanks to putuco for IDing the unknown track!

1. Intro
2. Bubblemen Theme
3. Bubblemen Rap
4. Sex Talk
5. Physical
6. Dog End Of A Day Gone By
7. Motorcycle
8. I Feel Speed
9. Love Me
10. Sorted
11. No Big Deal
12. Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
13. Wake Up
14. No New Tale To Tell
15. Yin And Yang The Flower Pot Man
16. Mirror People
17. Kundalini Express
18. Lazy

[audio:|titles=Sorted (Live)|artists=Love and Rockets]
Sorted (Live)

Download: Love And Rockets – Washington, DC – 4/14/88 – 517 MB